Pre-order The Clarinotts’ debut album

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You can now pre-order The Clarinotts’ self-titled debut album!

Andreas Ottensamer’s new album is a family matter!

The Clarinotts are formed of father Ernst and his sons Daniel (both solo clarinettists at Vienna Philharmonic) and Andreas Ottensamer (solo clarinettist at Berlin Philharmonic) – dubbed the Viennese ‘royal family of clarinet’. The ensemble goes back to when Daniel and Andreas were children and the family played music together at home. “My brother and I felt a natural pull towards the instrument. It’s like the attraction of your mother’s voice, or a familiar smell you love: it was that sort of connection. We’d grown up with the sound of it. And when we were too lazy to practise on our own we’d get together and play something fun,”

Now the Clarinotts are a successfultouring ensemble, dedicated to creating and playing the most virtuosic music for multiple clarinets. The program of the album is centred around music for the stage and includes pieces by Mendelssohn, Mozart, Rossini and many others, and features the Wiener Virtuosen string ensemble.

The track, La Danza, is available instantly to all who pre-order the album now.


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